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Patty's Toxicology, 6th Edition, 6-Volume Set

The expanded 6th Edition of the cornerstone reference work on occupational health and toxicology is now published by Wiley


The expanded 6th Edition of the cornerstone reference work on occupational health and toxicology is now published by Wiley. Patty's Toxicology, 6th Edition, 6-Volume Set updates its comprehensive coverage and adds chapters to reflect the changing and expanding field of Toxicology.

A defining work in the field of toxicology, Patty's Toxicology has long been recognized as the premier reference for toxicological information on a large number of industrial chemicals that pose potential health hazards. The new edition provides updates for all chapters with new information and features about 40% new authors bringing a new and international perspective, 30 extensively revised chapters, and 5 new chapters.

New subjects in Patty's Industrial Hygiene, 6th Edition include nanotechnology, flavorings and the food industry, reactive chemical control to comprehensive chemical policy, metalworking fluids, and pharmaceuticals. Expanded chapters include benzene, aromatic compounds, smoke and combustion products from fires, mercury, radio-frequency and microwave radiation (cell phones) and wood dust. Data have been updated on both non cancer and carcinogenic risk assessment.

Patty's Toxicology, 6th Edition, 6-Volume Set presents, in logical groupings, comprehensive toxicological data for industrial compounds including CAS numbers, physical and chemical properties, exposure limits, and biological tolerance values for occupational exposures, making it essential for toxicologists and industrial hygienists.

Patty's Toxicology, 6th Edition, 6-Volume Set

Available Now in Print, Online and CD-ROM • 6200pp HC: 978-0-470-41081-3 • $2295; CAN $2525; €1836; £1530


About the Authors

Eula Bingham, PhD is a Professor of Environmental Health at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Dr. Bingham was the University of Cincinnati's Vice President and University Dean for Graduate Studies and Research from 1982-1990. She was Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) from 1977-1981. She contributed more than one hundred peer reviewed articles on occupational and environmental respiratory hazards; chemical carcinogenesis and related topics; and occupational and environmental health policy. Barbara Cohrssen is President of Cohrssen Environmental, Inc. and is a Certified Industrial Hygienist and Registered Environmental Assessor. She co-edited the 5th Edition of Patty's Toxicology and Patty's Industrial Hygiene, 6th Edition; she is a recognized authority in the field of industrial hygiene, with over 30 years' experience in occupational and environmental health and safety. Ms. Cohrssen is a member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association, and American Academy of Industrial Hygiene.

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