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AGI announces the publication of 'Dawn of the Anthropocene: Humanity's Defining Moment'

American Geosciences Institute

Alexandria, VA - We have entered an era of stark realization. Although Earth's resources once seemed abundant and resilient, we have come to understand the limitations of a planet as small and crowded as our own. In DAWN OF THE ANTHROPOCENE: Humanity's Defining Moment, author George A. Seielstad explores the challenges associated with building a sustainable future in a world struggling to meet society's needs.

The technology and innovation that have allowed humanity to manipulate the planet on a massive scale have also been accompanied by repercussions. The chemical compositions of the atmosphere and oceans have changed, sea levels have risen, watersheds have been modified, and landscapes have been transformed from natural to man-made. A logical conclusion is that the continuation of past practices is not sustainable.

As detailed in DAWN OF THE ANTHROPOCENE, we have reached an inflection point in human history in which there is extraordinary opportunity. The challenge, according to Seielstad, is to learn how all members of society may enjoy rewarding lives while creating a sustainable future so their descendants may as well. Leveraging extensive research and literature on sustainability, this well-documented book charts a course for humanity to rectify the decisions made during more than a century of massive consumption. DAWN OF THE ANTHROPOCENE reminds us as a community to take note of what we use and that we can be agents of positive change.

A harbinger ahead of his time, George Seielstad in DAWN OF THE ANTHROPOCENE: Humanity's Defining Moment will captivate all audiences from scientists to laypeople and anyone who has ever wondered about our remarkable planet. For more information, and to purchase DAWN OF THE ANTHROPOCENE: Humanity's Defining Moment for the Kindle, visit, or use the quick access URL

Dawn of the Anthropocene: Humanity's Defining Moment
By George A. Seielstad
The American Geosciences Institute
Digital-only, $9.99 at Amazon.Com
ISBN 978-0-922152-91-9

About the Author:

George Seielstad, Ph.D., a former astronomer and Earth System Scientist, has taught at the University of Alaska, Dartmouth College, The University of North Dakota and the University of Montana. The combination of careers has given him a unique perspective on Earth and the way forward to a sustainable future in Dawn of the Anthropocene: Humanity's Defining Moment.


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