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'What Editors Want'

New book demystifies the scientific publishing process

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IMAGE: What Editors Want: An Author's Guide to Scientific Journal Publishing will be released in late December 2013. view more

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With years of research, months of writing invested, and often a career on the line, the process for submitting a research paper for publication can be a nerve-racking experience, especially since there has been little advice on what to do once the final footnote is typed. Phillippa J. Benson and Susan C. Silver set out to remedy this, and with What Editors Want: An Author's Guide to Scientific Journal Publishing finally demystify the process.

With chapters that include "Choosing the right journal," "How to write a cover letter," "Dealing with decision letters," and "What Editors wish you knew," What Editors Want offers clear guidance for navigating every step towards publication. The book is packed with practical examples, useful lists, and the most up-to-date advice on what authors need to know to successfully submit their papers for publication. Benson and Silver discuss a range of issues from the uses and abuses of the IF system, to sending the right images, to why choosing to write about this month's hottest topic can backfire in the long run. In addition, more than a dozen sidebars from editors and experts across scientific disciplines offer inside knowledge on what makes your paper move from "pass" to "publish."


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