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A special issue of Sprintronics in Science China: Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy

Science China Press


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We invited some Chinese experts and researchers in the field of spintronics to write a series of review articles in this special issue, in order to assist undergraduate, master's and doctoral students, as well as young researchers to understand this fast growing field. This issue was published in Science China Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy, 2013, 56(1): 1-246

This special issue consists of seventeen review articles. We have tried to cover most of research directions and research frontiers in spintronics. This includes magneto-electronics, semiconductor spintronics, optical spintronics, organic spintronics, carbon-based spintronics, all-electric spintronics, spin caloritronics, spin dynamics, etc. This special issue has been published with the following aims: firstly, these review articles will attempt to introduce typical research queries and excellent achievements within each developing research direction, in order to let the readers understand the framework of spintronics; secondly, a partial discussion of domestic research results has been included in each review article, the purpose of which is to give bait to hungry readers and stimulate new ideas. Furthermore, some valuable investigations/research on spintronic materials, physics and devices based on present experimental conditions have been shown to readers.

By taking this opportunity made available to us, we have tried to encourage young students and researchers to warrant special attention to further findings, to solve novel frontier problems and contribute more to innovations for the development of spintronics in the future.


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