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Wiley launches Stat

The ISI's new online journal for the rapid dissemination of statistics research


Hoboken, NJ--February 20th, 2013--John Wiley & Sons, Inc., today announced the launch of Stat, the new online-only, rapid communication research journal of the International Statistical Institute (ISI), publishing articles in all facets of statistics and related interdisciplinary areas.

Stat publishes short articles within four weeks of submission, using a streamlined submission and review system. Allowing readers to access and connect with content in novel ways, emphasis is placed on the online delivery of articles and innovative forms of supplementary material including data, graphs, images, video, software, and code. It will have an associated moderated online discussion, Statblog, to facilitate immediate discussion of published articles.

"We are very excited to extend our publishing relationship with the ISI by collaborating with them on this new venture. Developments in a growing number of subject areas rely upon the early publication of research results and access to the underlying data. Stat is launched with this in mind," said Kathryn Sharples, Publisher, Statistics & Mathematics, Wiley. "The journal's novel rapid review process, coupled with fast publication will enable authors to disseminate their findings and associated data within very short time frames, aiding interdisciplinary collaboration."

Stat provides a means of rapid sharing of important new theoretical, methodological, and applied research for the international community of statisticians, researchers, and practitioners. Paper types include original articles, letters to the editor, discussion papers, and author responses, with a maximum article length of ten pages of text.

One recently published study, "Aligning Some Nicholson Sheep-Blowfly Data Sets with System Input Periods" by David R. Brillinger of the Department of Statistics, University of California, Berkeley concerns Alexander Nicholson, former Chief of the Division of Entomology in the Commonwealth Scientific Research Organization. Nicholson carried out laboratory experiments on evolving insect populations. Brillinger notes, "The results motivated many studies, particularly ones concerned with density-dependent competition." This important new article addresses the question: how to estimate a permutation, thereby providing a correspondence between the known set of periods and the list of data sets. The results will be used in developing specific dynamical system models for the experiments involving inputs. Other recent Stat articles of interest include:

  • Enhanced security checks at airports: minimizing time to detection or probability of escape? By Xiao-Li Meng Motivated by security screening at airports, this article shows that under very natural conditions, the influence of a prior does not go to zero as the sample size increases. The result is important and counterintuitive.

  • Large complex data: divide and recombine (D&R) with RHIPE By Saptarshi Guha, Ryan Hafen, Jeremiah Rounds, Jin Xia, Jianfu Li, Bowei Xi, and William S. Cleveland

    This article described a method, Divide and Recombine, that allows the data analyst to apply almost any statistical or visualization method to large complex data (so-called Big Data), when direct application of most analytic methods to the entire data set is either infeasible, or impractical. D&R enables deep analysis that minimizes the risk of losing important information.

"We want Stat to be a research journal for the 21st century," notes Dr. Nicholas Fisher, Editor-in-Chief of the journal. "What that means is that we want to take advantage of current and emerging developments in information and communication technology to enhance the way researchers can announce their results and comment on others' results." To view the full video interview with Dr. Fisher, please visit

"The International Statistical Institute is pleased to offer Stat, an online research journal with many innovative features," said Vijay Nair, President-Elect of ISI . "It is designed to fill an important niche, providing a fast and efficient review process and timely publication of important and concise statistical results. We hope the international statistics community will support Stat and make it a high-quality research journal."


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Complimentary online access is available until end of 2013. Librarians please visit for more information.

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The ISI is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation and has consultative status by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations since 1949. Officially, the ISI was established in 1885, though the initial international gatherings of statisticians started earlier - back in 1853. Therefore, we are one of the oldest scientific associations still active throughout the world today.

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