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Category award winners announced for BioMed Central's 7th Annual Research Awards

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BioMed Central's Annual Research Awards recognize excellence in scientific research made freely available through open access publishing within our portfolio of biology and medical journals.

Now in their 7th year, they are intended to recognize the achievements of particular research teams in ten diverse subject-specific award categories spanning all areas of Biology, Medicine and Health Services Research. There is also an Open Data award recognizing leadership in the sharing of data and a Case Report of the Year Award for the best case report recognized for its originality and significance to clinical practice.

We are pleased to announce the winners for the ten individual Research Award categories. These winning articles, selected by internationally respected judges, have been chosen for their innovation and high-quality execution and discussion.

Frank Cox, a judge on the panel for the Microbiology, Immunology, Infection and Inflammation award said, "This has been a very enjoyable experience. The quality of research both within the Microbiology category and the final list of winners from across all categories is outstanding. All the papers I read were clear, well written and made important advances to particular fields and the biomedical sciences in general. It is good to see that the awards attract the highest possible standard of papers."

Animal Science, Veterinary Research and Zoology Award
Cnidocyte discharge is regulated by light and opsin-mediated phototransduction
David C Plachetzki
BMC Biology 2012, 10:17

Cancer Award - sponsored by ABCAM
A target based approach identifies genomic predictors of breast cancer patient response to chemotherapy
Robin M Hallett
BMC Medical Genomics 2012, 5:16

Clinical Medicine Award
The confusion assessment method for the intensive care unit (CAM-ICU) and intensive care delirium screening checklist (ICDSC) for the diagnosis of delirium: a systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical studies
Dimitri Gusmao-Flores
Critical Care 2012, 16:R115

Computational and high-throughput studies in genomics and systems biology Award
A novel virus genome discovered in an extreme environment suggests recombination between unrelated groups of RNA and DNA viruses
Geoffrey S Diemer and Kenneth M Stedman
Biology Direct 2012, 7:13

Microbiology, Immunology, Infection and Inflammation Award
Shifts in human skin and nares microbiota of healthy children and adults
Julia Oh, Julie A Segre and Heidi H Kong
Genome Medicine 2012, 4:77

Molecular and Cellular Science Award
HIRA dependent H3.3 deposition is required for transcriptional reprogramming following nuclear transfer to Xenopus oocytes
Jerome Jullien
Epigenetics & Chromatin 2012, 5:17

Neuroscience, Neurology and Psychiatry Award
Systemic immune challenges trigger and drive Alzheimer-like neuropathology in mice
Irene Knuesel
Journal of Neuroinflammation 2012, 9:151

Plant Biology, Environmental Biology and Ecology Award
Horizontal transfer of expressed genes in a parasitic flowering plant
Zhenxiang Xi Joshua S Rest and Charles C Davis
BMC Genomics 2012, 13:227

Public Health and Health Services Research Award
Healthy snacks at the checkout counter: A lab and field study on the impact of shelf arrangement and assortment structure on consumer choices
Ellen van Kleef
BMC Public Health 2012, 12:1072

Translational Medicine Award
Perinatal nicotine exposure induces asthma in second generation offspring
Virender K Rehan
BMC Medicine 2012, 10:129

These winners have been shortlisted for the overall BioMed Central Research Award, sponsored this year by antibodies-online. The overall winner will be announced at a ceremony on the evening of Sunday, 21st April, in Boston, USA, as part of an evening celebrating open access publishing which includes a panel discussion on the hotly debated topic on how to avoid the 'tyranny' of current peer review practices.

Last year's BioMed Central Research Award winner, Áine McKnight said, "At the time, receiving the prize was a fantastic morale boost for my group. I've been an advocate of open access publishing from the early days. I've come to appreciate, even more, that if the work is significant publishing in an open access journal is the best way to ensure widespread and general exposure."


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