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University of Southern Denmark receives Euro 8 M

University of Southern Denmark


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Credit: University of Southern Denmark

The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) at Odense has received a VILLUM Foundation grant of Euro 8 M (US$ 10.6 M) to establish a research infrastructure for Bioanalytical Sciences.

The new Center for Bioanalytical Sciences will incorporate instrumentation for genomics, proteomics and lipidomics studies, and equipment and computers for detailed analysis of biomolecular structures, interactions and networks.

According to professor Ole N. Jensen, who is the director of the new center, the VILLUM Foundation grant will be used for purchasing advanced equipment for bioimaging and biomolecular structure elucidation, as well as mass spectrometry and nucleic acid sequencing instrumentation. Computational platforms for large-scale data analysis and supercomputing are also supported by the grant.

"This generous grant from the VILLUM Foundation is a huge boost to our interdisciplinary research programs in the biological sciences. It provides us with new equipment to investigate complex biological systems, from individual biomolecules all the way to genomes, proteomes and metabolomes and systems-wide studies", Ole N. Jensen said in a statement.

"Integration of experimental and computational approaches is essential in modern biological research and this infrastructure grant provides us with a very strong platform for data storage, data integration and computational modeling of biomolecules and cellular networks, to the benefit of SDU researchers and their collaborators"


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