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Genomatix Pathway System (GePS) now available in Illumina's BaseSpace Apps

GePS brings pathway analysis to BaseSpace

Genomatix Software GmbH


IMAGE: This is a screenshot of GePS showing genes from a IL12-mediated signalling pathway. Small molecules associated with the STAT5A gene have been added to the pathway. The coloring of the... view more

Credit: Genomatix Software GmbH

Munich, Germany, September 11, 2013 - Genomatix today announced it has added the Genomatix Pathway System (GePS) to BaseSpace Apps, Illumina's dedicated applications store and informatics community dedicated to advancing genomic analysis.

Using GePS, researchers can generate and visualize genetic networks and pathways and easily access a multitude of data on the genes and gene-gene connections they consist of. Combined with expression level data generated through next-generation sequencing (NGS) experiments, GePS helps scientists identify the key players within biological processes at a functional level.

Klaus May, CEO of Genomatix, says: "We're happy to add our technology to Illumina's portfolio of BaseSpace applications. Scientists can now overlay NGS results with the knowledge and data provided by the Genomatix Pathway System. Distributing our software via the cloud infrastructure of BaseSpace will not only enable users to seamlessly access their data, it also makes it possible for us to offer our software at a very competitive price."

The Genomatix Pathway System enables researchers to see the biology behind their data by combining NGS results with multiple levels of existing knowledge. Associations with signal transduction pathways, molecular functions, biological processes, tissues, diseases, small molecules and co-cited genes and transcription factors deliver the insight needed to understand the functional context of Omics data. Networks between genes, transcription factors, small molecules and diseases can be generated on various levels and the underlying data is always just one mouse-click away for deeper inspection. The intuitive visualization of expression level values from various conditions or time points combined with data like methylation or histone modification truly gives users the "big picture" without losing any details.

Informatics solutions available through BaseSpace Apps allow customers to utilize the tools from a growing community of academic, commercial, and open source providers.


About Genomatix:

Genomatix Software GmbH is one of the world's leading suppliers of technologies to analyze and interpret genomic data. Headquartered in Munich (Germany), Genomatix has a corporate presence in Ann Arbor, MI (USA), and representatives in California (US), Paris (France), Madrid (Spain), and a distributor (CTC) in Tokyo (Japan). Founded in 1997, Genomatix pioneered the analysis and understanding of eukaryotic gene regulation. More than a decade of developments in computational and systems biology has put Genomatix into the position to have all needed data content and a complete analysis pipeline in place at the arrival of next generation sequencing technology. Genomatix has published more than 120 peer reviewed scientific papers with more than 5,000 citations. Over 35,000 researchers worldwide currently apply Genomatix' award-winning tools and databases.

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Phone: +49 89 599 766 0

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