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'The Psychology of Human Leadership'

How to develop charisma and authority



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The Psychology of Human Leadership seamlessly links fundamental insights and practical approaches to address the most important leadership problems and challenges. Each of the 11 chapters takes a close look at a specific leadership aspect and explains how to develop personal leadership qualities, such as charisma, the ability to motivate others, assertiveness, and how to overcome crises and conflicts to create new structures. Ethical questions and possible negative developments in connection with leadership and power are also examined.

Unlike in conventional leadership manuals, the authors Michael Paschen and Erich Dihsmaier go beyond the standard 'recipes' and models by providing clear trains of thought as well as a psychological and philosophical basis. By focusing on major achievements in terms of leadership, the book creates a more profound understanding and holistic view of the subject of leadership, while promoting a genuine fascination for it.

The Psychology of Human Leadership:

  • Presents a combination of profound psychological findings and practical recommendations to inculcate leadership characteristics
  • Creates a solid foundation for the sustainable development of charisma and leadership authority
  • Provides practical examples from the world of politics and history, illustrating the psychological mechanisms of leadership


Michael Paschen & Erich Dihsmaier
The Psychology of Leadership
How To Develop Charisma and Authority
2014, XII, 245 p. 30 illus.
Hardcover € 59.99, £ 53.99, $ 79.95
ISBN 978-3-642-37053-3
Also available as an eBook

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