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'Intergenerational Relations: European Perspectives in Family and Society'

University of Luxembourg


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Credit: Policy Press

Relations between generations in family and society will be of crucial importance to the development of European societies going forward say University of Luxembourg researchers in a new high profile book.

University of Luxembourg researchers Dr Isabelle Albert and Professor Dieter Ferring of the INSIDE research unit (Integrative Research Unit on Social and Individual Development) have published a book entitled "Intergenerational Relations: European Perspectives in Family and Society".

Their book fills an important gap in current research. It includes contributions by researchers from all over Europe and asks how intergenerational relations over the life span can be described today from different disciplinary perspectives - sociology, psychology and economics. It focuses on conceptual issues, multigenerational and cross-cultural perspectives.

Until now research on intergenerational solidarity has focused principally on issues regarding ageing families and the need to support a growing elderly population due to higher life expectancies. However, according to Albert, "New questions have come to the fore due to the current economic crisis in Europe. How do we distribute resources in societies that are economically challenged? How much to invest in education, employment and health care?"

Ferring adds, "How we respond to these issues will have consequences on social cohesion and peace. Finding the right solutions requires an interdisciplinary approach, which our book takes. Its interdisciplinary view makes it of relevance to scholars in sociology, economics and psychology, as well as politicians and practitioners involved on policy making."


The book is published by Policy Press and is funded in part by a grant from the National Research Fund of Luxembourg.

Dr Albert and Professor Ferring are available for media interviews. Please contact T + 352 46 66 44 9542, T. + 352 46 66 44 6525

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