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Novel aspects of histamine research discussed in Versita open access book

The book reviews the present knowledge on the regulatory role of histamine and the therapeutic exploitation of histamine receptor ligands in atopic diseases

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Histamine H4 Receptors: A novel Drug Target for Immunomodulation and Inflammation, edited by Professor Holger Stark, is a new Open Access Book comprising key results from the highly acclaimed Action BM0806, held by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology), which was instituted to champion and promote a multidisciplinary approach to H4R research, and focused on the current state of play pertaining to the basic understanding and the huge therapeutic potential of this new drug target. The objective of this project was to advance awareness of the newly identified histamine receptor.

The book describes molecular signaling mechanism, the function as well as the localization of this receptor subtype, along with its influence on physiological and pathophysiological properties. It offers an insight into a range of perspectives on H4R research, and a thorough analysis of the possibilities for novel therapeutic inventions and exploitation, allowing for newly designed compounds as well as numerous biochemical in vitro and in vivo models on different species.

Chapter by chapter, different aspects of histamine research are presented and discussed. The contributing authors were all active members of Action BM0806 and as a result, the book covers the most original and topical aspects of histamine research. One of them is the role of histamine in allergic reactions, which was assumed to have been clarified for many decades. Presently, the increased understanding of histamine and its functions places it at the centre stage in the orchestration of the innate immune response and lead-up to the adaptive response. Professor Madeleine Ennis (Secretary, COST Action BM0806) and colleagues discuss in detail the evidence for the roles of various histamine receptors (particularly the H4R) in immune cell function, spanning eosinophils, monocytes, basophils, mast cells and neutrophils. Another newsworthy section, dedicated to histamine and cancer, is written by one of the leading specialists in the field - Professor Elena S. Rivera, a global expert on histamine and cell proliferation, who provides exciting new data that supports the H4R as a novel target for a range of refractory cancers. Finally, the closing chapter discusses the non-receptor role of histamine - a fascinating topic, albeit so far largely under-studied by the histamine community.

Considering its cross-sectional approach, the book will benefit not only societies and professional organizations, but all scientists involved in biogenic amine research and those with special emphasis on histamine research should find it an invaluable read. As Dr. Paul L Chazot, President of European Histamine Research Society points out: "This new Book offers something for everyone across disciplines, and individuals with either a deep or passing interest in histamine will be kept entertained and informed."


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About the Author:

Holger Stark is a pharmacist by training, specialized in medicinal chemistry with a focus on neurotransmitters and lipids. He has successfully worked on new lead structures and optimization at dopamine and histamine receptor subtypes, generating numerous clinical candidates. Recently, he has established a new lab at the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf, Germany, expanding his research topics on imaging and enzyme inhibitors. He has published more than two hundred articles and registered ten patents. He is a holder of numerous national and international awards.

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