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FASEB announces Science Research conference: Genome Engineering -- Research & Applications

Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology

Bethesda, MD - Genome engineering is an emerging and rapidly growing field that seeks to enable efficient and directed modification of genome sequence either in cellula or in vivo. Recent developments in this field have enabled significant advances in the capability of researchers to modify gene sequences of interest in a wide variety of cell types and model organisms, including fruit fly, zebrafish, rat and human pluripotent stem cells.

Hence these technologies have provided important tools for biological research and potential therapeutic strategies for genetic disorders. The organizers have planned a conference that seeks to maximize interactions among an international group of scientists with diverse scientific backgrounds and to thereby stimulate collaboration and the initiation of new directions and applications for the field.

To accomplish this, the meeting organizers have planned nine scientific sessions that cover a range of topics from foundational basic science topics such as DNA repair and protein engineering to translational applications for the technology such as synthetic biology and genome engineering of stem cells. The aims of this conference are: (1) to promote the sharing of information in a collegial environment that will lead to development of new research directions and collaborations; (2) to provide career-enhancing opportunities for the multitude of junior scientists in the field; (3) to enhance and encourage the entry of women and minorities into this rapidly expanding discipline, including commitment of one-third of the requested budget to fund travel expenses of scientists from these under-represented groups; and (4) to encourage collaboration and interaction between researchers in academia and industry.

FASEB has announced a total of 35 Science Research Conferences (SRC) in 2014. Registration opens January 17, 2014. For more information about an SRC, view preliminary programs, or find a listing of all our 2014 SRCs, please visit


Since 1982, FASEB SRC has offered a continuing series of inter-disciplinary exchanges that are recognized as a valuable complement to the highly successful society meetings. Divided into small groups, scientists from around the world meet intimately and without distractions to explore new approaches to those research areas undergoing rapid scientific changes.

In efforts to expand the SRC series, potential organizers are encouraged to contact SRC staff at Proposal guidelines can be found at

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