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Tecnalia devises WiMi5 -- platform for creating, developing and marketing videogames

Elhuyar Fundazioa

The fundamental task of Tecnalia, through Tecnalia Ventures, has been the acceleration of the prior incubation of the creation of the enterprise, facilitating the situation that henceforth it is the investors and the management team that will lead and handle the project, encouraged by a scheme for the progressive acquisition of shares.

WiMi5 is the first company in the sector to provide a cloud-based platform enabling creating, publishing and marketing leisure time and social games. Notable is the fact that WiMi5's direct competitors are found in Silicon Valley, where the currently most advanced technology and videogames are developed.

The tool is free for developers and works with any modern navigator thanks to HTML5 and the cloud, and so the installation of software is not required as is with the creation tools of other, similar games.

How WiMi5 works

Another of the big differential factors of WiMi5 is that the games function with all kinds of devices: PCs, mobile phones and tablets. Historically this has been one of the problems that professionals have come against in the software and programming world, and which has also been resolved by WiMi5.

The WiMi5 business model focuses on microtransactions. "We only start charging when the developer begins to make money from his or her game", explained Raúl Otaolea. To this end, the WiMi5 team helps and encourages users of their platform to devise free2play games, i.e. initially free ones, but with the option of micropurchases in order that the players might obtain "a faster car or improve a combat game", states Mr. Otaolea as examples. "For each microtransaction the developer takes 70% and we take 30%".

The field within which WiMi5 operates is global, as befits Internet businesses, and it is based in Bilbao.


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