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MacLeod's Introduction to Medicine

A doctor's memoir



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MacLeod's Introduction to Medicine: A Doctor's Memoir by Jonathan Waxman is a collection of short stories that gives the reader an insight into the humorous side of a doctor's life before the dawn of management. Written in an informal, enjoyable style, it contains a collection of vignettes from the author's decades of clinical experience. Chutney Wars, The Bed Jape or Christmas Day in the Workhouse are just a few of the chapters in this engagingly written book. The author is both an expert in oncology and a gifted storyteller.

Jonathan Waxman writes in the Preface, "This book is a collection of medical stories based on the epic career of MacLeod, its foolish hero. MacLeod's Introduction to Medicine is a chronicle of occasional humor, and the names of the characters have not been changed to protect the innocent. All the stories are based on reality and come from a time when the practice of medicine was not inundated with tales of bullying and scapegoating, and where the lives of doctors, nurses and patients were not buried under targets."


Jonathan Waxman is a professor of oncology at Imperial College London. He is a clinician who has helped develop new treatments for cancer, which are now part of standard practice. He is the founder and life president of Prostate Cancer UK, the first UK national organization promoting research and patient support for this condition. He helped establish an All Party Parliamentary Group to improve cancer treatment and rationalize cancer research throughout the UK, and has developed and led several media campaigns to rationalize cancer treatments and change government health policy.

Jonathan Waxman
MacLeod's Introduction to Medicine
A Doctor's Memoir
2014, XIII, 213 p.
Softcover £9.99, €24,99, $24.99
ISBN 978-1-4471-4521-9
Also available as an eBook

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