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Infostorms: How to roll with 'information punches'

New book from Springer explores how to navigate a saturated information marketplace

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The dawn of the information age is heralded as a turning point for humanity. New tools like the internet, email and instant messaging made information and communications available at the push of a button, and ushered in an era of seemingly instant answers and context. But in our current state of "any information, anywhere," there are a number of dangers lurking just beyond the mouse click.

In a new book from Springer - Infostorms: How to Take Information Punches and Save Democracy - authors Vincent F. Hendricks and Pelle G. Hansen help clarify how information is and should be used, and just how we as citizens can navigate the opportunities and pitfalls that await us in the information society.

Information is a must for any functioning democracy, and as humans we use it to make decisions such as voting, purchasing or otherwise. But good information - like good help - is sometimes very hard to find. All of the new context we receive from this ubiquitously available data must be processed, understood and digested in a way that makes it useful for decision making. But that is often times easier said than done.

Anchored in the study of philosophy, social psychology, economics and choice, Infostorms seeks to illuminate the ways in which we can use these diverse and seemingly divergent sources of information to improve our personal decision making and group thinking. Hendricks and Hansen also warn against the dangers that accompany this informational overload which modern technology amplifies. Covering topics such as continued war efforts, the explosion of social media, political gridlock and the power of opinion, the book's broad approach offers an excellent overview on information, and valuable guidance on how to roll with the "information punches" thrown our way.

Vincent F.Hendricks, Pelle G. Hansen
Infostorms: How to Take Information Punches and Save Democracy
2014, XV, 148 p. 16 illus.
Softcover €19.99 | £15.00 | $19.99
ISBN 978-3-319-03831-5


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