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Media alert: European Lung Cancer Conference abstracts online

European Society for Medical Oncology

Lugano, 17 March 2014 -- While lung cancer remains at the top of the list of big killers worldwide, research to fight this disease progresses. Latest results and state-of-the art treatment options will be discussed at the 4th European Lung Cancer Conference (ELCC), which has become the reference event in Europe for professionals treating lung cancers.

Check the abstracts online (full text) as of Tuesday, 18 March 2014 at 12:00 (CET) []

Here are some highlights to guide you through the rich programme, loaded with world class experts:

Targeted agents in the advanced disease setting

  • Abstract 93O: First-In-Human Evaluation of CO-1686, an Irreversible, Highly Selective Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor of Mutations of EGFR (Activating and T790M), H. Wakelee
  • Abstract 94O: Lung adenocarcinoma with RET fusion: Early experience with diagnosis and targeted therapy, O. Gautschi
  • Abstract 91O: Quality of life (QoL) analysis from ENSURE, a phase 3, open-label study of first-line erlotinib versus gemcitabine/cisplatin (GP) in Asian patients with epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutation-positive (mut+) non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), Y.-L. Wu

Tumour biology and translational research

  • Abstract 38O: PD-L1 and PD-1 expression in molecularly selected non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients, A. D'Incecco (press release to follow)
  • Abstract 127O: Programmed Cell Death 1 Ligand 1 Expression and Association with Survival in Mesothelioma, A.S. Mansfield (press release to follow) Screening, staging and epidemiology (press release to follow)
  • Abstract 24O: Clinical Utility of a Plasma-based microRNA Signature Classifier within Computed Tomography Lung Cancer Screening, U. Pastorino
  • Abstract 68P: Paclitaxel plus Bevacizumab in patients with chemoresistant relapsed small cell lung cancer as salvage treatment: A phase II multicenter study of the Hellenic Oncology Research Group, G. Mountzios Advanced NSCLC
  • Abstract 105P: A literature-based meta-analysis about the comparison between platinum-based doublet and single agent chemotherapy in PS 2 NSCLC patients, C.D. Rolfo
  • Abstracts 106P & 107P: Efficacy and safety of bevacizumab and erlotinib in elderly patients with lung cancer adenocarcinoma, K.N. Syrigos


  • Abstract 67O: Cabazitaxel (Cbz) vs topotecan (Tpt) in patients (pts) with small cell lung cancer (SCLC) with progressive disease during/after first-line (1L) treatment with platinum-based chemotherapy (ctx), T. Evans Poster Discussion
  • Abstract 39PD: Ultra-deep sequencing of circulating free DNA to identify predictive, mutated HSP90 clients in GALAXY-1 (NCT01348126), a randomized phase 2b study of ganetespib plus docetaxel versus docetaxel alone in 2nd line advanced NSCLC, D. Fennell Mesothelioma
  • Abstract 127O: Programmed Cell Death 1 Ligand 1 Expression and Association with Survival in Mesothelioma, A.S. Mansfield

The conference will offer interesting discussions and presentations on the following topics:

  • Smoking cessation as part of cancer therapy: does it really impact outcome?
  • Controversy: surgery vs. stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy in operable NSCLC patients
  • Sexual dysfunctions in lung cancer patients (press release to follow)
  • Molecular testing in advanced NSCLC: clinical practice, clinical trials, emerging biomarkers
  • Prognostic markers: ready for prime-time?
  • Design challenges for clinical trials in advanced NSCLC
  • Targeted therapies: new developments, challenges of the new target pathways and new toxicities
  • Advanced NSCLC without driver mutations: which treatment approaches?


The full conference program is available at

The European Lung Cancer Conference is co-organised by the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) and the International Association for the study of Lung Cancer (IASLC). 1,500 attendees are expected from throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

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