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Major charity joins up with University cancer research center

University of Liverpool


IMAGE: This is, from left: NWCR Chief Executive Anne Jackson; NWCR chairman Michael Potts; Professor Sarah Coupland, University of Liverpool and Director of the Centre and Professor Ian Greer, Provost and... view more

Credit: University of Liverpool

LIVERPOOL, UK - 20 March 2014: The University of Liverpool has formed a new partnership with a leading cancer charity to help fund basic and translational research with the aim of improving cancer therapies and patient survival.

North West Cancer Research (NWCR), which also incorporates Clatterbridge Cancer Research, will move its headquarters to the University's Cancer Research Centre, in order to be closer to the research teams and the world-class facilities found at the University and nearby hospital campuses.

To be known as the 'NWCR Centre - University of Liverpool', the new partnership will build on the existing facilities and strong collaborations within the University, and act as a hub for researchers working in a range of disciplines in the cancer field, including basic sciences such as physiology, pharmacology and molecular genetics, as well as translational cancer research and therapeutics.

In its last funding round NWCR awarded more than £1million grants to researchers based in the North WestW and Wales. The new relationship with the University will enable the Centre to fund PhD students, sponsor research into cancer types of significance in the region, and continue outreach activities for the public, including educational events.

The Centre will link in and work together with the NWCR Institute in Bangor, North Wales and the University of Lancaster to provide a network of cancer research facilities.

The City of Liverpool with the surrounding Merseyside and Cheshire areas have the highest cancer mortality in the UK, with particularly high rates of lung, head and neck, breast and gynaecological cancers. Developing strategies for earlier detection and improved treatments of these (and other) cancers will be one of the main goals of the new partnership.

University Provost, Professor Ian Greer said: "The Centre provides a hub for research into the causes and treatment of cancer, making inroads into our understanding of the disease and how to tackle it.

"With the North West having some of the highest incidences of cancer in the whole country, it is absolutely critical that we continue to fund innovative and effective ways to deal with the problem. Charities like NWCR have the scale and influence to help us in this mission.

"This is exceptionally good news for the people of the North West. Liverpool is home to some of the world's leading cancer specialists and new funding will mean that treatment in our own region will continue to improve."

The Centre will be directed by University pathologist Professor Sarah Coupland aided by a team of world-class scientists and clinicians. Together with NWCR, the Centre team will develop a new research strategy to meet the needs of the local community.

NWCR Chairman, Michael Potts, said: "This move will better position us not just with the University but with the business community and wider public.

"It also means we become part of the city's burgeoning Knowledge Quarter and this is exactly the environment in which we belong."


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