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The Anatomical Record introduces a true game changer

The American Association of Anatomists' oldest journal advances research through streaming video

American Association of Anatomists

BETHESDA, Md. (May 14, 2014) - This month the oldest continuously published journal of the American Association of Anatomists (AAA), The Anatomical Record (AR), launched its first AR -- WOW Video Article, the first of its kind in the field of Anatomy, providing researchers with state-of-the-art video figures of research results, anatomical procedures, or step-by step demonstrations through streaming video. The first AR - WOW Video Article is presented in AR's May Issue and is titled: "Morphogenesis and Three-Dimensional Movement of the Stomach during the Human Embryonic Period."

The Anatomical Record's new publication innovative features high-quality video figures as primary results that are permanent. The video files are not supplemental data files, which eventually are deleted from archives. Video figures offer detailed visual information that breaks down very complex information into much easier content for busy researchers to comprehend. All video submissions are peer-reviewed and vetted by the journal editorial team, and are available through the Wiley Online Library on the journal platform. Accepted papers are published online, with embedded links to the video figures, as well as in the traditional paper issue.

"I am excited to bring this innovation to our readers and researchers," said Kurt Albertine, Ph.D., editor-in-chief, The Anatomical Record, University of Utah. "AR - WOW Video Articles provide scientists who capture primary data as digital video files a venue for a peer-reviewed publication that permanently embeds the digital video files as primary figures."

All figures presented are primary data and are linked to files in the e-publication of the paper. In addition, these video files will be permanent files, which is different from the standard approach of relegating digital video content.

"Currently, digital video files are either transferred to online supplemental data files, which are subject to being deleted over time, or a laboratory's home web page where the files are not peer-reviewed," stated Albertine. "AR - WOW is a true game changer!"

The first video article was created by authors Takakuwa, Tetsuya; Kaigai, Norihito; Nako, Ami; Yamada, Shigehito; Uwabe, Chigako; and Kose, Katsumi. The paper uses figures specimens from the 'Kyoto Collection' of human embryos at Kyoto University to make digital videos of reconstructed magnetic resonance images of the stomachs of human fetuses. By using these images, researchers are able to present the morphology, morphometry, and three-dimensional movement of the stomach during the Carnegie Stages 16-23.


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