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Frontiers launches a new open-access journal: Frontiers in Robotics and AI


Frontiers - a community driven open-access publisher and research networking platform - is pleased to announce the launch of a new open-access journal: Frontiers in Robotics and AI.

Frontiers in Robotics and AI is the first open-access community journal covering the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence and joins the growing "Frontiers in" journal series. Frontiers in Robotics and AI will make use of the unique Frontiers open-science platform for open-access publishing and research networking, which provides an equal opportunity to seek, share and create knowledge.

"Frontiers in Robotics and AI will foster an online community of researchers and facilitate multidisciplinary exchange of the latest high-quality research and findings without limits or boundaries in the exciting fields of robotics and artificial intelligence," says Mel Slater, ICREA Research Professor, University of Barcelona and Chief Editor of the specialty section Virtual Environments.

"After decades of promise, the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence are making significant impact on society, science and engineering. Frontiers in Robotics and AI will help to further this process with an open-science platform that provides researchers with the latest innovative tools to maximize the reach and impact of their research, boost research collaborations and more."

The mission of Frontiers is to place scholarly publishing back in the hands of working researchers and to promote an interactive, fair, and efficient review process of a range of article types. Articles are rigorously reviewed based on objective criteria in an average time of 84 days, published under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license, and are freely available to an international audience. Impact Article Level Metrics and post-publication review are available on all articles, and the Frontiers Tiering System showcases high impact research for a broader audience.

Current specialty sections and associated journals open for submissions to Frontiers in Robotics and AI include:

  • Biomedical Robotics (Specialty Chief Editor: Darwin Gordon Caldwell)
  • Bionics and Biomimetics (Specialty Chief Editor: Danilo Emilio De Rossi)
  • Computational Intelligence (Specialty Chief Editor: Mikhail Prokopenko)
  • Evolutionary Robotics (Specialty Chief Editor: Gusz Eiben)
  • Humanoid Robotics (Specialty Chief Editor: Giorgio Metta)
  • Multi-Robot Systems (Specialty Chief Editor: Herbert Glenn Tanner)
  • Neurorobotics (Specialty Chief Editors: Alois C Knoll and Florian Röhrbein)
  • Neuroengineering (Specialty Chief Editor: Laura Ballerini)
  • Sensor Fusion and Machine Perception (Specialty Chief Editor: Shashi Phoha)
  • Virtual Environments (Specialty Chief Editor: Mel Slater)

For more information about the journal, please visit: Frontiers in Robotics and AI.


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Frontiers is a community driven open-access publisher and research networking platform. Launched and run by scientists since 2007, Frontiers empowers researchers to advance the way science is peer-reviewed, evaluated, published, communicated, and shared in the digital era. Frontiers drives innovations in peer-review, article level metrics, post publication review, democratic evaluation, research networking and a growing ecosystem of open-science tools. Frontiers joined the Nature Publishing Group family in 2013. The "Frontiers in" journal series has published 20,000 peer-reviewed articles, which receive 6 million monthly views, and are supported by over 130,000 editors, reviewers and authors worldwide.

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