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The Lancet: Viewpoints explore public health and health security in the USA and CDC's role in global health

The Lancet

Health security in 2014: building on preparedness knowledge for emerging health threats

In this Viewpoint, the authors show how the USA is building national capabilities to improve health security in the face of ever-complicated threats, including emerging infectious diseases, hospital-acquired infections, natural disasters, and bioterrorism. The report highlights public health advances which have resulted in a nation that is more resilient and prepared for emerging health threats, and shows how organisations in the USA are building the scientific capacity to detect, contain, and respond to novel threats before they become global threats.

Global health and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This Viewpoint describes the CDC's long-standing engagement in global health. CDC's global health strategy aims to achieve optimum health effects, strengthen global health capacity, improve global health security, and strengthen the organisation's capacity. The report describes selected programmes which illustrate these goals, including US President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) - with which CDC has been closely involved since its inception - CDC's influenza programme, and supporting and strengthening health systems in Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010.


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