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BGI, Imperial College London and Waters Corporation sign framework agreement

BGI Shenzhen

On September 11, 2014, BGI, Imperial College London and Waters Corporation signed a framework agreement in Shenzhen, China. Liangyu Zhang, CEO of Greater China of Waters Corporation, Vince Gao, CEO of BGI Heath, and representatives of Imperial College London attended the signing ceremony.

The collaboration brings together three of the leading scientific groups in the field of translational medicine. Imperial College London is the leader in metabolic phenotyping, imaging and data analysis; BGI is the leader in genomics and bioinformatics, and Waters Corporation in the field of LC/MS technology, biomarker data collection and visualization, and data management.

Dr. Vince Gao, CEO of BGI Health, said, we share the same vision of establishing a Big Health and Big Data mode, which drives the lands of our strategic collaboration. With the advantageous strengths of the three parties in life science, we expect to make outstanding transomics research and applications in human health baseline, and the prediction and prevention of major diseases, such astumours and Cardiovascular diseases.

Liangyu Zhang, CEO of Greater China of Waters Corporation, said, Waters Corporation have established long-term collaborations with Imperial College London. We expect to build an international collaborative structure. With BGI as the first centre in Asia-Pacific, we hope to make important contributions to human health and advance the development of health industry.

The scope of the collaboration, through a series of research and development integrated with clinical and applications from genomics to metabolomics, is to develop a comprehensive standard and approach for human omics testing and data analysis. It will detect lots of biomarkers related with diseases from body fluids or tissues of large population. Integrated with multidimensional data and information analysis, such as 3D images, it will continuously translate, accumulate, update and convey the knowledge of omics, clinics and health, contributing to a better health, prolonged life and improved life quality.


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