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InSilico Medicine to present GeroScopeTM at the FEBS-EMBO 2014 Conference

InSilico Medicine, Inc.

InSilico Medicine's Director of Aging Research, Alexander Aliper, is able to present the company's new technology and platform, GeroScopeTM, to a diverse group of attendees at the FEBS-EMBO conference. This will mark the first presentation of GeroScopeTM to the public. It is a system for evaluating the age-related changes in the tissue of humans and other model organisms, and furthermore predicts the geroprotective efficacy of a multitude of drugs with known molecular targets. The conference program and poster sessions will allow delegates to learn more about its functionality. InSilico Medicine's poster will elaborate on the drug screening process and signaling pathway activation drift in human fibroblasts in normal aging as well as progerias.

The FEBS-EMBO conference is a joint meeting hosted by the French Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SFBBM). This meeting not only marks the anniversaries of these three organizations, but also the first meeting joining the FEBS and EMBO. Alex Zhavoronkov, CEO, comments on this event, "As 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of FEBS and EMBO, and the centennial of the SFBBM, we are happy to have several members of our team and partner organizations presenting their results at the historic FEBS-EMBO conference. It is a perfect venue to discuss the progress of our company, find collaborators and possibly recruit more brilliant scientists to join our growing international team. Most of InSilico Medicine's team worked together long before the company was formed, creating its strong foundation. Our technology is held to a high standard, and we ensure recruitment of scientists of great relevance and talent to avoid uncontrolled, rapid expansion. Solving aging is a difficult task and will require a concerted multinational and multidisciplinary effort. FEBS-EMBO is a perfect platform to achieve these goals."


The FEBS-EMBO conference is currently in session. More information can be seen at

About InSilico Medicine

InSilico Medicine was founded in early 2014 and has since developed the OncoFinder and GeroScopeTM. It is a company dedicated to finding novel solutions towards aging and age-related diseases using advances in genomics and big data analysis. Through internal expertise and extensive collaborations with brilliant scientists, institutions, and highly credible pharmaceutical companies, InSilico Medicine seeks to revolutionize personalized science and drug discovery. More can be read about InSilico Medicine, Inc. at

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