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ONCOblot blood test for cancer goes international

ONCOblot announces expansion through 2 new alliances

ONCOblot Labs

West Lafayette, IN- September 11, 2014 - The ONCOblot® Test, a highly sensitive blood test for cancer, has now expanded into international territories; bringing much needed support for early cancer detection to areas beyond The United States.

ONCOblot® believes that these two new alliances with the WA Health Clinic and RCLIN SA will not only increase the awareness of choice and availability of cancer screenings, but offer more hope through a more definitive cancer diagnosis.

The WA Health Care is based out of China with laboratories in Shanghai and Beijing. Their innovative clinic treats patients through bringing medical doctors, professors and scientists in the fields of anti-aging medicine, functional medicine and regenerative medicine together. Through this, WA Health Care provides true focus on the patient as a whole, not just their symptoms. By looking at patients as humans, and not merely the sum of their symptoms, WA Health Care is perfectly aligned with ONCOblot's® mission.

RCLIN SA is based out of Switzerland and has clinics in Geneva, Moscow, Kiev and Warsaw. RCLIN's mission is to help patients extend their life and maintain their health. They do this through finding and removing the causes of aging and disease, and by offering patients personalized solutions based on the latest scientific achievements. Their personalized approach is what created such an ideal connection for the ONCOblot® Test.

With the combined influence and partnership of both health care facilities, ONCOblot® is poised to deftly navigate previously unexplored territories and bring cancer screening awareness to more and more people each day.

The ONCOblot® Test is a key component to treating cancer because it gives patients and physicians the insights for successful cancer management. Never before has one test been able to detect cancer on such a microscopic level and provide so much knowledge for early intervention and on-going management. ONCOblot® looks forward to spreading this knowledge to territories across the globe.


About ONCOblot®

The ONCOblot® Test was developed and created by Dr. D. James Morré and Dr. Dorothy M. Morré of Mor-NuCo, Purdue Research Park, West Lafayette, IN. The Morré's are committed to the premise that understanding cancer is the key to its conquest. The ONCOblot® Test is based on more than 20 years of basic research, is CLIA Certified and CAP Accredited and has a 510(k) submission to the FDA in progress.

WA Health Care originated in 1990 and brings medical doctors, professors and scientists in the fields of anti-aging medicine, functional medicine and regenerative medicine together to provide focus on the patient's root causes of illness in order to heal more effectively.

RCLIN SA. Clinics in Geneva, Moscow, Kiev, Warsaw. RCLIN's identifies the existing and potential causes of a patient's disease, as opposed to symptoms alone. This mission of fully encompassed healthcare helps patients extend their life and maintain their health.

If you'd like more information about the ONCOblot® Test, please visit or e-mail

To obtain access to the ONCOblot® Test in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, please visit WA Health Care at , email or call +86 18321400383 to contact Dr. Ping Wu.

To obtain access to the ONCOblot Test in Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine or Poland, please visit, email or call +41 22 755 5680 to contact Dr. Elena Riabokon.

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