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Australasian Symposium on Health Communication, Advertising and Marketing

Queensland University of Technology

Effective behaviour and social change health campaigns will be the focus of the inaugural Australasian Symposium on Health Communication, Advertising and Marketing (Health CAM 14) at QUT's Gardens Point on Tuesday September 30.

The event, a collaboration between CARRS-Q, QUT Faculty of Health, Creative Industries Faculty and the QUT Business School, will bring together leaders in field of health communication to discuss the future of promoting health in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Symposium organising committee chair, Dr Ioni Lewis said it was essential for communication professionals and marketers to understand how to design, disseminate, and evaluate health communication campaigns.

"It's vital for the health of the public that we continue to make messages relevant, both in content as well as message medium, for our intended target audiences," Dr Lewis said.

"The need has never been greater for relevant and accessible public health messages that capture attention and promote behaviour and social change."

Speakers at the symposium include:

  • Professor Mohan Dutta, National University of Singapore: The Future of Public Health Communication
  • Sally Tyrell, Haystac: Don't Be a Fool, Test Your Stool: Campaign of Bowel Cancer Australia
  • Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Queensland University of Technology: Behaviour change at your fingertips: Social Marketing's use of Smartphone Apps and SMS
  • John Thompson, Mitchell and Partners: Creating Effective Linkages Between Government, Agency and Research
  • Associate Professor Samantha Thomas, University of Wollongong: Research into the Effects of Anti-obesity Social Marketing Campaigns
  • Danish Chan, McCann Australia: Dumb Ways to Die
  • Katie Paine, Paine Publishing: How to Measure Social Media in the age of Google Glass, geo-sensors and mobile marketing - Beyond vanity metrics to measuring what matters and following standards
  • Graham Fraine, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads & Kevin Moreland, BCM: Enabling community driven social change: the Join the Drive Program
  • Stewart Gurney, PHD Media: The Future of Health Advertising
  • And panellists on the Hypothetical: Would you buy it and why? Deciphering mixed messages in health communication:
    • Brendan Graham, Soap Creative
    • Janelle Miles, News Queensland
    • Rebecca Ramsey, Queensland University of Technology
    • Ian Jarratt, Queensland Consumers Association

The timing of Health CAM 14 capitalises on QUT hosting the 2014 International Communication Association Regional Conference (ICA), which will be held from October 1-3.


WHAT: Health CAM 2014

WHEN: September 30, 2014

WHERE: QUT Gardens Point campus


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