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Researchers uncover the frontiers of R&D in medical imaging

World Scientific


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Credit: World Scientific, 2014

A large part of modern medical development is medical imaging which has played an increasingly important role in health monitoring, disease detection and treatments. The devices and machines for medical imaging cannot provide proper information without the use of image processing, pattern recognition, and computer vision techniques.

These are areas of active research development which are well-covered in this book by leading experts in the areas. A partial list of the important contributions reported in the book includes a unique online dynamic MRI reconstruction, a brain image registration technique to monitor an Alzheimer patient, X-ray CT reconstruction using dictionary learning, issues of dimensionality, sample size and noise on brain fMRI classification, modeling of skin lesion growth, automatic segmentation of retinal images, a new source separation algorithm in assessing tumor pharmacokinetics, computer-aided tumor detection from 3D ultrasound breast images, case study of prostate cancer using digital pathology, image processing for MR-guided HIFU ablation, imaging techniques in proton therapy, and intravascular ultrasound segmentation algorithms.

In his latest book, Frontiers of Medical Imaging, Professor C. H. Chen covers three areas: (1) Theory, Techniques and Physics (which includes major activities in medical physics, such as computed tomography, reconstruction, etc.); (2) Image Processing in Medical Imaging (which includes work on image segmentation, enhancement, and pattern recognition, etc.) and (3) Emerging Methods and Medical Imaging Equipment and Systems (which includes new medical imaging instrumentation, information systems, etc.).

Along with the companion book, Computer Vision in Medical Imaging, which is also edited by Professor C. H. Chen and published by World Scientific, readers will be provided a clear and extensive view of the frontier activities in the medical imaging field. Professor Chen is Chancellor Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. He is a Fellow of the IEEE (1988), Life Fellow of the IEEE (2003), Fellow of International Association of Pattern (IAPR 1996) and member of NDT Academia International (2009). He has published 33 books and over 150 papers in his research areas of signal/image processing, neural networks, pattern recognition, with applications to medical imaging, remote sensing, underwater acoustics, and ultrasonic nondestructive testing.


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