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New journal serves as an interface of statistics, atmospheric and ocean sciences

DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


IMAGE: A new journal -- Advances in Statistical Climatology, Meteorology and Oceanography -- gives statisticians and researchers specializing in the atmospheric and ocean sciences an outlet to publish the details of... view more

Credit: Jennifer Hoeting (Colorado State University) and Michael Wehner (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

A new journal--Advances in Statistical Climatology, Meteorology and Oceanography (ASCMO)--gives statisticians and researchers specializing in the atmospheric and ocean sciences an outlet to publish the details of their statistical and mathematical developments, which will effectively lead to improved models and methods for these fields.

Michael Wehner, a climate scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), and Jennifer Hoeting, a professor of statistics at Colorado State University, are both founders and executive editors of the new publication.

"Currently, statisticians who work on climate change problems and/or atmospheric and oceanic applications do not have an appropriate outlet to publish their methodology-oriented work," says Hoeting. "None of the top journals that publish climate change research accept manuscripts with the detailed statistical developments that are required to continue to further advance the field of climate change."

Meanwhile, she notes that existing applied statistical journals do not allow in depth treatment of the scientific problems and do not have scientific-area specialists review the scientific contributions of applied statistical work. Additionally, journals that focus only on a statistical audience are neither widely read nor understood by researchers in climate change, atmospheric or oceanic science, and related fields.

"ASMO is an interdisciplinary journal that addresses all of these concerns," says Wehner. "The new journal will publish cutting-edge scientific advances and statistical methods. It will also include articles that are accessible to interdisciplinary researchers from statistics, applied mathematics, atmospheric science, climate research, oceanography, and related fields."

Published by Copernicus Publications, ASCMO is an open access journal with no article processing charges. The journal's editors are currently accepting submissions for its first issue. Visit the website for submission information.


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