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Researchers reveal Schisandra chinensis' unique properties

Including pharmacological profile and nutraceutical applications

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Credit: World Scientific, 2014

How can we make the best use of Schisandrae Fructus?

Researchers from all over the world have made a great deal of discovery on the biological activities of Schisandrae Fructus.

Schisandrae Fructus, the fruit of Schisandra chinensis (Turcz.) Baillon, has a long history of use as an herb. Ever since ancient times, Schisandrae Fructus has been used as food and medicinal herb for treatment of body disorders.

The development, application and conservation of wild resources of Schisandra chinensis in Asian countries, such as Korea and Japan, have done well. Unfortunately, the over-exploitation in Northeast China -- where Schisandrae Fructus originates -- throughout the recent ten years has driven the wild resources close to extinction. The scarcity in the development of downstream products has been damaging the economic interests of farmers and, therefore, they are discouraged to continue growing Schisandrae Fructus.

In a collaborative effort from the Division of Life Science in the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong, the School of Chinese Medicine in Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, China, and LKK Health Products Group, Hong Kong, Schisandra Chinensis: An Herb of North Eastern China was compiled.

This book, SCHISANDRA CHINENSIS: AN HERB OF NORTH EASTERN CHINA ORIGIN, provides an updated account on the following aspects: (1) plant origin and resources, cultivation and farming technology, production and processing; (2) authentication and quality control; (3) advances in research on chemical components and their microbial biotransformation; (4) pharmacological profile, pharmacokinetics and toxicology of dibenzocyclooctadiene lignans and other active ingredients; (5) metabolism of lignans; and (6) comprehensive development and utilization.

Readers will be enlightened by the concise update on pharmacological activities, underlying action mechanism of Schisandra lignans and novel approach in the development of nutraceutical products. This book is therefore a useful reference for researchers and technologists in the cultivation and quality control of Schisandra chinensis, as well as companies involved in the development, manufacture and marketing of products derived from Schisandrae Fructus.


The compilation of this book is funded by Infinitus China (a fully-owned subsidiary of LKK Health Products Group).

The book retails for US$65 / £43 (hardcover) and US$34 / £22 (pbk). More detailed information about this book can be found at

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