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Bioprinting -- see 3-D printing applied in health care

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Credit: World Scientific, 2014

Trauma, diseases or aging impact today's healthcare.

These issues cause tissues or organs to lose their intended function. To counter these healthcare problems, vast area of medical solutions aim to restore the lost functions. Some of these methods include development of medical devices, cell therapies and recently, the creation of artificial organ. The interest in biological solution evolves from the field of tissue engineering - providing engineering solutions to solve biological issues.

Progressively, a new paradigm evolves from additive manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing, which is Bioprinting. Bioprinting refers to a bottom up approach of building biological materials and complexes in three dimensional using layer-by-layer depositions.

In bioprinting, the biology and engineering are to be coupled synergistically to provide a holistic solution for regenerative medicine. These engineered tissues are constructed with material design, spatial and temporal factor to mimic developmental biology using a specially tailored systems called bioprinters. Using computer-aided technology, complexity of tissue can be mimicked through layer-by-layer deposition of living and non-living material with biochemical and physiochemical gradients.

This book published by World Scientific, " Bioprinting: Principles and Applications" is the first attempt to provide an overview of this emerging technologies with interdisciplinary content included. The necessary biological and technical knowledge are included in this book, to educate the readers from different backgrounds.

"3D bioprinting is the most anticipated emerging technology. The futre of healthcare will be disrupted with new organs and tissues being printed to replace current medical practices." Says lead author Prof Chua Chee Kai.


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