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Renowned standardization & quality expert explains essentials of these disciplines

World Scientific


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Credit: World Scientific, 2015

Are you interested in quality? Do you implement standards?

Renowned standardization and quality expert, Dr. Anwar El-Tawil, explains the essentials of these two closely related disciplines in a nutshell in his latest book published by World Scientific entitled "Standards & Quality".

Standards play a fundamental role in all fields of human activity. They are an important tool for protecting human health and the environment, ensuring safety quality, interchangeability, interoperability and economy.

Quality is the ultimate goal of most human endeavor. The way to quality passes through standards and the implementation of quality management techniques, which are succinctly and clearly explained in this book.

Standards are based on the latest achievements of science and technology and represent the consensus of interested parties in a given field. Essential for trade facilitation and the protection of human health, safety and the environment, they are the basis for achieving acceptable quality of products and services and contribute to an optimum use of resources and general welfare.

The book refers to important documents by the leading international organizations in the fields of standardization, testing, measurements, certification and quality.

This book has been published by World Scientific. It is sold at major book stores for US$78 / £51 . More information on the book and the electronic version are available at


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