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F1000Research to publish new ISCB Community Journal online

Journal will provide dedicated channel for all ISCB conference research

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The ISCB Community Journal will be launched on F1000Research this summer to provide the ISCB's growing membership and conference attendees with an affordable, open publishing platform for all research presented at official and affiliated ISCB conferences.

Scientists who belong to the ISCB's Communities of Special Interest (COSIs) or who attend its Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings will also be able to take advantage of the new channel.

The initiative will enable ISCB to support the publication of all research in a range of formats in one centralised channel for the first time. Articles based upon the research presented at official and affiliated conferences will be published using F1000Research's immediate publication and transparent peer review model, without limitation on article size, type, or perceived impact.

ISCB conference attendees will also be able to share and publish all the academic posters and slides that are presented at each conference and host them in one easily searchable domain.

Diane E. Kovats, Executive Director, ISCB, said: "F1000Research's platform offers a viable alternative to traditional scholarly society journals.

"A lot of high-quality and valuable science that is shared at conferences, including posters and slide presentations, never gets published, and essentially becomes 'lost' research. In the digital age, it should be possible to share all the science presented at conferences quickly and easily."

Michael Markie, Associate Publisher of F1000Research, said: "There is always a treasure chest of research that is presented at academic conferences that never sees the light of day. This research often contains early findings, in order to obtain feedback or to identify potential collaborators. All this research takes significant time, effort and cost, but may be viewed by only a small number of conference participants before the work disappears. This represents a huge waste of funding and researcher time, leads to studies being needlessly repeated, and slows scientific progress."

Rebecca Lawrence, Managing Director of F1000Research, said: "We are delighted to be collaborating with the ISCB on creating and publishing their innovative ISCB Community Journal. F1000 and the ISCB have always shared closely aligned goals in wanting to find ways to enable the rapid dissemination of all types of research outputs. It is particularly fitting that our first society channel is with the ISCB."

For more information on the ISCB Community Journal, read the F1000Research blog


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