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2015 Henry Ford Brain Tumor Symposium

Henry Ford Health System

DETROIT - The 2015 Henry Ford Brain Tumor Symposium takes place 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Friday, April 24 at the MGM Grand in Detroit. The symposium, entitled "Focused Forward: New Thoughts on Brain Tumor Treatment," is aimed at health care professionals who seek to learn about the latest developments in brain tumor treatments. Speakers from Henry Ford Neuroscience Institute, as well as from other leading brain tumors medical centers, will share the latest on brain tumor treatments. Guest faculty include:

  • Mitchel S. Berger, M.D., University of California, San Francisco

  • Ennio Chiocca, M.D., Ph.D., Harvard Medical School.

  • Mark R. Gilbert, M.D., National Institutes of Health

  • Pedro R. Lowenstein, M.D., Ph.D., University of Michigan

  • Karin M. Muraszko, M.D., University of Michigan

  • James Thomas Rutka, M.D., Ph.D., University of Toronto

  • Samuel Ryu, M.D., Stony Brook University Cancer Center

  • Raymond Sawaya, M.D., University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

  • Max Wallace, Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure

  • Beverly C. Walters, M.D., M.Sc., Henry Ford Hospital The event, which coincides with the 100th anniversary of Henry Ford Hospital, will honor the achievements of Mark Rosenblum, M.D., during his 22-year tenure as chair of Neurosurgery at Henry Ford Hospital. Highlights of the 2015 Henry Ford Brain Tumor Symposium: Session 1: Clinical Controversies and Operative Techniques

  • Low Grade Gliomas: From Bench to Bedside

  • Endoscopy and Functional Mapping in Neurosurgery

  • Laser Interstitial Thermal Ablation for Brain Tumors

  • Surgical Management of Brain Metastases

  • Finding the Edge(TM) against Brain Tumors: The Henry Ford Hospital Experience

  • Recent Studies of Brain Tumor Treatments: Paving the Way for Future Progress

  • How MicroRNAs Affect Glioma Pathobiology.

    Session 2: Gene Therapy, Molecular Targeting and the Future of Clinical Trials

  • Mechanisms of Glioma Formation: Computational and Experimental Studies on the Role of Pre-existing Vessels vs. Neoangionesis

  • Protein Induced In Situ Cell Reprogramming Therapy for Cancers

  • Targeting Brain Tumor Stem Cells: Novel Signaling Pathways in Therapeutic Approaches.

  • Molecular heterogeneity and Drug Response in Glioblastoma Patient-Derived Xenografts (PDX)

  • Translational impact from TCGA - from Animal Models to Molecular Tumor Boards Session 3: Spinal and Pediatric Tumors

  • Update on Pediatric Brain Tumors.

  • Developing Spine Radiosurgery at Henry Ford.

  • Spine and Spinal Cord Tumors: Surgical Approaches

  • Case Presentation: Spine Tumor - Stereotactic Radiosurgery vs. Surgery Session 4: Quality of Life and Outcomes for Brain Tumors

  • Quality Matters. Quality of Life in Brain Tumors

  • Outcomes Analysis in Brain Tumors: New Opportunities

  • Role of Guidelines in Clinical Practice

  • Brain Tumor Research - A Venture Philanthropist's View

  • What Mark Rosenblum Taught Me: An Odyssey in Brain Tumor Research For registration and information about the symposium, go to


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