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Chemotargets launches easier-to-use, more intuitive graphical interface CTlink[GUI]

Chemotargets is leader in computational pharmacology

IMIM (Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute)

Barcelona, April 28th, 2015- Chemotargets, a spin-off company of IMIM, has launched CTlink[GUI] - a commercial version of the CTlink software that offers users intuitive, interactive graphical tools enabling them to more easily analyse results obtained using this software.

CTlink can be installed on any Linux, Windows or Mac computer, desktop or laptop, and can predict how a small molecule will interact with thousands of different proteins. It is designed as a computational framework for linking different systemic entities - that is, for linking molecules, proteins, pathways, side effects, organs and diseases. It is a very important tool used by biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Previously, in order to use CTlink, chemo-computing was required and the software needed to be installed on a server. Now, according to Jordi Mestres, CEO of Chemotargets and coordinator of the research group into Systems Pharmacology of IMIM and UPF's biomedical computing programme (GRIB): "with the launch of CTlink[GUI], not only can it support the chemo-computing work of a company, but that of hundreds of chemists, pharmacologists and toxicologists working in pharmaceutical companies". He adds: "any person, organisation or institution interested in knowing which proteins a small molecule - be it a drug, a cosmetic, an agrochemical element or an environmental pollutant - might interact with can now use this platform".

Using this new graphical interface, any chemist, pharmacologist, toxicologist or other type of researcher can draw the structure of the molecule and send the data to the software for it to calculate and return the results. "They simply need to draw the structure of one or more molecules, or load it from a file, upload it to the server and it will return not just what is known about the proteins that interact, but also a prediction of how they will interact", Mestres explains.


To find out more about how its software works, Chemotargets has produced a video tutorial on CTlink[GUI] - Click here. If you're interested in the software or would like more information, please email

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