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The British Psychological Society Annual Conference, May 5-7, 2015

The British Psychological Society Annual Conference takes place at the Arena and Convention Centre in Liverpool from May 5-7, 2015

British Psychological Society

The British Psychological Society (BPS) Annual Conference takes place at the Arena and Convention Centre (ACC) in Liverpool from the 5 - 7 May 2015.

Some 600 psychologists are expected to attend to hear about the latest research, thinking and practices in psychology. This year's themes are:

  • Behavior change
  • Culture and identity
  • Disaster, trauma and crisis
  • The social brain

Hot topic session - Psychology and Behavior Change

Environmental Issues
13:15hrs, Tuesday 5 May

Convenor David Uzzell, Professor of Environmental Psychology from the University of Surrey, explained:

"This symposium brings together four leading UK psychologists who are exploring how we can shift from changing behaviours to changing lifestyles, so that we can live, work and consume in more sustainable ways.

"It will address questions such as: How effective is spill over in encouraging people to transfer green behaviour to another area of daily life? How can construction workers influence sustainability in the building industry? How can a clinical psychologist support a village transition group to take local action on global climate change? What is the relationship between values and behaviour, when are they able to predict behaviour more strongly, and what is their role in interventions?"

Expert panel debate - Palliative and End of Life Care: A Professional Conversation
10:00hrs, Wednesday 6 May

Chaired by Simon Chapman Director of Policy, Intelligence and Parliamentary Affairs, National Council for Palliative Care.

Panel speakers include:

  • Professor Baroness Finlay of Llandaff, Professor of Palliative Medicine and Palliative Care Clinical Lead for Wales, Vice Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Hospice and Palliative Care (Westminster)
  • Dr Rachel Stocker, School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health, University of Durham

Keynote speakers will discuss the following topics:

  • Enhancing wellbeing at work (Professor Cary Cooper)
  • Development of the social brain during adolescence (Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore)
  • Adapting to diversity (Professor Richard Crisp)
  • Resilience of civilian populations to war and terrorism - past and present (Professor Edgar Jones)


The full conference programme can be accessed here.

All papers are embargoed until 00.01hrs (BST) of presentation day (unless otherwise stated)

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