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Registration now open for IBCD 2015

Innovation and Biomarkers in Cancer Drug Development

European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer

Registration for IBCD 2015, Innovation and Biomarkers in Cancer Drug Development, is now open. This first of its kind joint meeting organized by the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC), the United States National Cancer Institute (NCI), the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), IBCD 2015 will be held 3-4 December 2015 at the Square Brussels Meeting Centre.

Submission of poster abstract will remain open until 29 June 2015.

To be sure, the need for a meeting to collaboratively explore current issues in cancer drug development has been apparent for some time. In response to this need, the IBCD 2015 Scientific Committee has put together a comprehensive program, and sessions will include presentations, panel discussions, and debates.

IBCD 2015 Sessions include:

  • Roberto Salgado & Helen Moore will chair QA & QC from pre analytical steps to clinical utility
  • John Martens & Tracy Lively will chair Considerations in assay development and its integration into drug development: Clinical trials and beyond into clinical practice
  • Jan Schellens & Shakun Malik will chair Patient access and regulatory challenges for clinical trials in the era of molecularly defined "Personalized therapies"
  • Ultan McDermott & Carlos Arteaga will chair Bioinformatic approaches to big data analysis and the clinical decision process
  • Jeffrey Moscow & Richard Sullivan will chair a debate on Impact on health care systems, a multi stakeholder societal challenge for research, pharma and patients
  • Sabine Tejpar & Tawnya McKee will chair Horizons: Biomarker Signatures Beyond NGS. A bird's-eye-view of the future of biomarkers on guiding drug development

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