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Plasticity Forum to host its 4th international conference in Cascais, Portugal

June event to bring together leaders of industry to explore innovative, scalable solutions for plastics

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The Plasticity Forum will hold its 4th annual conference on June 8 and 9 in Cascais, Portugal. The forum will bring together approximately 200 business leaders and experts to discuss innovative solutions to the growing plastic pollution problem facing land and marine environments.

A recent study from the University of Georgia's College of Engineering found between 4.8 and 12.7 million metric tons of plastic entered the ocean in 2010 from people living within 50 kilometers of the coastline. That year, a total of 275 million metric tons of plastic waste was generated in those 192 coastal countries. Globally, some 280 million tons of plastic is produced annually, yet estimates suggest that only 10 percent is actually recycled. Capturing this waste stream presents a significant and untapped business opportunity, as does the redesign of packaging and the thought process around waste creation. The Plasticity Forum presents ideas and opens up discussions on how to harness this material in new ways, both "pre" and "post" consumer use. The forum addresses design, materials, innovations, reuse and waste reduction in the aim of encouraging further innovations as well as powerful collaborations between producers, users, recyclers, designers, innovators and entrepreneurs.

A global event, The Plasticity Forum was launched in Rio de Janeiro, and has since been held in Hong Kong and New York, with the upcoming conference marking its first European event. The event brings experts across the plastic spectrum - including innovators, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, brand managers, educators, think tanks, government agencies, designers and investors - to address the growing plastic waste issue by creating opportunities, inspiring collaboration, and generating results that scale. Attendees will benefit from sectors surrounding the forum's theme: "Designing for Circularity, Customer Engagement, Reverse Supply Chains and Reaching Scale." This year's forum will include the latest developments in managing and recovering waste as a resource, scalable innovations in plastic that save money, use of new materials, designing for sustainability and solutions for a world where plastic is used, but without its current footprint.

According to Doug Woodring, founder of Plasticity, "Companies are beginning to realize that environmental sustainability has a positive impact not only on the communities they serve, but also their own bottom line. Managing the plastic ecosystem through recycling, reuse and closed-loop methods can make our planet healthier while also creating efficiency in corporate supply chains."

Dr. Mike Biddle, founder and director of MBA Polymers, will be one of the keynote speakers at the event. "Plasticity is a very unique event, and having been to all of them, I see the power in what this type of collaborative discussion brings when a diverse set of experts within various parts of the plastic industry have the chance to share innovations. I am excited to work together to accelerate the conversion of plastic waste into resources all over the world, helping the environment while creating new jobs along the way."

Other speakers at the event will include Willem De Vos, CEO of the Society of Plastics Engineers; Steven Russell, VP - Plastics Division for the American Chemistry Council; Brad La Force, CEO of DEEP and general partner and business development consultant for La Force LP; Monique Maissan, founder and CEO of Waste2Wear; Dr. Denise Hardesty, senior research scientist with CSIRO; Tom Domen, long-term innovation manager for Ecover/Method; Shannon Davis, a sustainable environmental design student at UC Berkeley; Dr. Richard Mattison, chief executive of Trucost Plc; David Stover, co-founder of Bureo Inc.; Andrew Morlet, chief executive of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation; and Ryan Hunt, co-founder and chief technology officer of ALGIX LLC. Additional speakers and the full agenda will be announced shortly and information will be made available on the Plasticity Forum website.

The venue for this year's event will be the Pousada de Cascais - Cidadela Historic Hotel, an old fort, facing the Atlantic Ocean, which has been converted into a boutique resort. The event will also include a special dinner for all attendees at The Presidential Palace in Cascais.

The Plasticity Forum is open to innovators, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, brand managers, retailers and manufacturers, educators, think tanks, government agencies, designers and investors. Speaking and sponsorship opportunities are also available.


About Plasticity Forum

The Plasticity Forum is a cross section of thinkers, solution providers, brands, users and those who appreciate scale to expedite the solutions and innovations that exist today to keep plastic from becoming a problem for our communities and environment. Plasticity has been held in Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong and New York, and offers a global discussion and perspective on solutions, how to standardize across products or industries, and how to bring about new opportunities in production and recovery operations. To register or for more information, visit

About Ocean Recovery Alliance

Ocean Recovery Alliance brings together new ways of thinking, technologies, creativity and collaborations in order to introduce innovative projects and initiatives that help to improve our ocean environment. It has two projects with the Clinton Global Initiative focused on the reduction of plastic pollution, and is one of the only NGOs in the world to be working with both the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Bank's Global Partnership for Oceans. It is the founder of the Plasticity Forum, originally launched at the Rio+20 Earth Summit, and is an advisor for The Economist's World Ocean Summit. For more information, visit

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