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OUP announces the publication of 'our story' as it has never been told before

Oxford University Press


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Credit: Oxford University Press

Origins tells the story of creation from the big bang to human civilization as it has never been told before.

For the first time, and in one volume, we have a chronological sequence from the big bang to the emergence of human consciousness, 13.8 billion years later.

Award winning science-writer, Jim Baggott, draws on the latest scientific thinking to tell the story of the origins of space, time and energy, light, matter, stars, galaxies, the Sun and Earth, life, complex life, animals, humans and human consciousness.

'There is no such thing as an 'authorized' or 'official' version of the scientific story of creation' says Baggott, 'but if there was, then it might look something like this'.

A must-have for those with an interest in science or the incurably curious among us this informative and engaging book combines academic insight with great writing.

Oxford University Press has sold over 55,000 copies of Jim Baggott's previous two titles.

Publishing worldwide on 'Super Thursday' 8 October 2015 in hardback and e-book at £25 Jim Baggott will be participating in Books are my Bag promotions and touring to promote the book.


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