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Pore scale phenomena -- scaling the frontiers of energy and the environment

World Scientific


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Credit: World Scientific, 2015

World Scientific has published "Pore Scale Phenomena: Frontiers in Energy and Environment," a book edited by Colorado School of Mines faculty devoted to understanding the physical and chemical properties of pore scale phenomena.

The volume is one of the first multidisciplinary books published on the subject, spanning the relationship between oil and gas reservoirs; hydrogeology; and materials science, energy, devices and biology.

Co-author Poate noted, "The properties of these phenomena range across length scales from the atomic to the geographic and have large economic and societal implications."

"It is our hope this book will help lead to new discoveries in both porous media sciences and their applications," co-author Illangasekare said. "This book is an attempt to illustrate some of the commonalities in the fundamentals of various porous media phenomena across disciplines to develop new insights in cross-disciplinary approaches to address some of the emerging and challenging problems in energy development, water sustainability, human health, materials and the protection of the environment."

"My involvement also sharpened my view of pore-scale flow and mass transport, and the realization that much of the research work conducted in other disciplines could be of great benefit to the research on subsurface flow. The book also introduced me to many wonderful scientists and engineers," said co-author Kazemi


This book is sold in major book stores at US$138 / £91. More information on the book can be found at

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