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Future oncology explores role of biomarkers and next generation sequencing

Advancing cancer detection, treatments, and cures

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Highlighting the seismic shift in cancer research and treatment that is underway due to biomarkers and next generation sequencing, a special issue of Future Oncology offers multiple review articles summarizing the opportunities presented by improvements in molecular testing and analysis. The journal is published by Future Medicine, an imprint of Future Science Group.

"This special issue comes at a critical time, as both cancer research and the clinical approach to treatment move from conventional classification of cancers to their molecular subtyping," said Franco M. Buonaguro, guest editor and director of the Molecular Biology and Viral Oncogenesis Unit, at the Istituto Nazionale Tumori "Fond. G. Pascale" Naples, Italy. "Biomarkers and next generation sequencing are enabling a much more precise picture of cancer, and helping define the most effective treatments and the discovery of new therapeutic targets. Treatments can also be more targeted, with reduced toxicity and less overtreatment for those who respond better and have a better prognosis."

The Biomarkers in Cancer issue includes a series of in-depth reviews written by leading scientists of each field, covering current critical issues. It is primarily dedicated to biomarkers in the developmental stage not yet fully established and validated in human clinical studies. Articles explore cellular prognostic markers in liver cancer, the identification of melanoma initiating cells, EGFR mutations in lung cancer, SUMO pathway components as possible biomarkers, and an overview of new biomolecular pathways in pathogen related cancer.

"This themed issue aims to highlight this evolving field and the continuing applications and importance of biomarkers in the detection and treatment of cancer," said Nick Ward, Commissioning Editor. "Hopefully the articles can generate discussion, aid future research and accelerate our growing understanding of cancer's biological pathways and genetic characteristics."


Click here to access the special issue in Future Oncology - Additional articles and cancer content can be found on Oncology Central, Future Science Group's free eCommunity for oncology professionals. The membership-based portal offers free access to breaking oncology news and peer-reviewed journal articles, with content selected by fellow clinicians.

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