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East European craton book with 3-D models now available in print or online

GSA special paper 510

Geological Society of America


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Credit: Courtesy of M.V. Mints and The Geological Society of America.

Boulder, Colo. -- The results of regional geological study and geophysical surveying, including interpretation of common midpoint seismic geotraverses (1-EU, TATSEIS, and 4B in Russia; DOBRE in Ukraine; FIRE project in Finland), bear new information on 3D deep crustal structure and geological history of the early Precambrian East European craton. In addition, new geochemical, petrological, and geochronological data on the unique Mesoarchean-Neoarchean Belomorian eclogite province are presented in this new special paper from The Geological Society of America.

The authors conclude that regional granulite-gneiss belts are evidence for mantle plume activity in much the same way that large igneous provinces are. Oval intracontinental orogens (a new type of tectonic unit) were also formed under the influence of mantle plumes. The Archean tectonics of miniplates resembles the Phanerozoic plate tectonics more closely than the concept of Neoarchean-Paleoproterozoic supercontinents. Geological, tectonic, and petrophysical maps and seismic cross sections covering more than 4000 km in total length, as well as their geological interpretations, are presented as appendices.

This well-illustrated, international collaboration can be purchased through The Geological Society of America online store,, or by contacting GSA Sales and Service,

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East European Craton: Early Precambrian History and 3D Models of Deep Crustal Structure: by Michael V. Mints, Ksenia A. Dokukina, Alexander N. Konilov, Irina B. Philippova, Valery L. Zlobin, et al. Geological Society of America special paper 510 SPE510, 433 p. plus CD-ROM, $85.00; Member price $60.00 ISBN 978-0-8137-2510-9.

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