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Silicon Valley Energy Summit

Workable ideas for sustainable business

Stanford University

The 2015 Silicon Valley Energy Summit features talks by NREL Director Dan Arvizu (NREL), former Treasury Secretary George Shultz, Navy Assistant Secretary Dennis McGinn, former Defense Secretary William Perry and other top U.S. energy leaders.

Topics include:

  • Community choice energy has arrived in California: Is Silicon Valley ready?

  • Debate - Resolved: "Internal combustion engines have no future in California."

  • Tomorrow's headline: "Collapse of water in the U.S. West"

  • Energy, environment, high tech and Silicon Valley Partnerships: Happening now in the Navy

Conference participants will also get a behind-the-scenes look at the $485-million transformation of Stanford's energy system, which may be a model for other universities and large corporations. The just completed campus-wide heat- recovery system is the first of its kind. Combined with off-site solar and geothermal energy starting next year, it will reduce campus greenhouse gas emissions by 68% and reduce water consumption by 15%, while reducing operating costs by 20%. Panelists will discuss the project's unique aspects, benefits and risks, as well as how other entities can adopt the innovations.


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