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Fundamentals of materials modeling for metals processing technologies

World Scientific


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Credit: Imperial College Press / World Scientific, 2015

World Scientific's latest book on Fundamentals of Materials Modelling for Metals Processing Technologies: Theories and Applications comprehensively introduces the unique theory developed over years of research on materials and process modelling and its application in metal forming technologies.

The book chapters flesh out fundamental theories on the mechanics of materials, computational mechanics and the formulation of unified constitutive equations. Author JIanguo Lin from Imperial College London, UK, pays particular attention to elastic-plastic formulations for cold metal forming and unified elastic-viscoplastic constitutive equations for warm/hot metals processing.

He also places focus on damage in metal forming and numerical techniques to solve and determine the unified constitutive equations are also detailed. The key feature in this book is the examples given for the application of the unified theories to solve practical problems encountered in metal forming processes. Examples depicting applications are useful in predicting microstructure evolution in warm/hot metal forming processes. The book also introduces crystal plasticity theories and modelling techniques with their applications in micro-forming.

This 540 page volume is sold in major book stores at US$118 / £78 for the hardcover and US$68 / £45 for the paperback. More information on the book can be found at


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