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Goldschmidt -- the world's major geochemistry conference, Prague, Aug. 16-21, 2015

European Association of Geochemistry

Goldschmidt2015, the world's major geochemistry congress, is due to take place in Prague, Czech Republic, from 16 to 21 August. More than 3000 abstracts will be presented. Journalists are welcome to attend.

The 2014 conference in California brought several headline-making stories, including:

  • New evidence that the Moon formed from collision with Earth
  • How Earth avoided global warming, last time around

These were extensively reported by the international press, e.g. BBC, La Stampa, CBS, AFP, etc.

This year we are planning more headline-making stories about the science behind geochemistry and how this affects the real world.

The 2015 conference will feature sessions on a variety of newsworthy topics, including:

  • Energy Resources
  • Planetary Chemistry
  • Cosmochemistry and Astrophysics
  • Changes in the oceans

Drop us an email, and we will make sure that you receive advance press releases and practical info about the Goldschmidt conference (and about geochemistry in general):

If you want to register for press attendance, send us an email with:

  • Your name and who you work for
  • Your email and cellphone details
  • proof of your press credentials (e.g. a press card)

We look forward to seeing you there.


Tom Parkhill, Press Officer
Tel +39 349 238 8191

The Goldschmidt Conference is hosted by the European Association of Geochemistry and the Geochemical Society.

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