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Elsevier and ADSA announce winners of the Fifth Annual Journal of Dairy Science Most-Cited

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Philadelphia, PA, July 27, 2015 - Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical, and medical information products and services, and the American Dairy Science Association® (ADSA) announce the winners of the fifth annual Journal of Dairy Science® (JDS) Most-Cited Awards. Papers published in JDS throughout 2012 were eligible and citations from date of publication until April 15, 2015 were taken into consideration. Awards are conferred in each of the four sections comprising the journal's content: Dairy Foods; Physiology and Management; Nutrition, Feeding and Calves; and Genetics and Breeding.

"The number of citations a published study receives is an important indication of its influence within our research community. The Journal of Dairy Science Most-Cited Awards program formally recognizes contributors to JDS whose work is significantly impacting research and the dairy industry," commented Matthew Lucy, PhD, Editor-in-Chief of JDS and Professor of Animal Science, University of Missouri. "On behalf of the ADSA, the journal and its publisher, Elsevier, I would like to congratulate the award recipients on their outstanding achievements."

Award-winning papers receiving the highest number of citations in each of four sections are:

Dairy Foods

Probiotic yogurts manufactured with increased glucose oxidase levels: Postacidification, proteolytic patterns, survival of probiotic microorganisms, production of organic acid and aroma compounds A. G. Cruz (accepting the award), W. F. Castro, J. A. F. Faria, P. C. B. Lollo, J. Amaya-Farfán, M. Q. Freitas, D. Rodrigues, C. A. F. Oliveira, and H. T. Godoy (May 2012 issue)

Physiology and Management

Invited review: Mastitis in dairy heifers: Nature of the disease, potential impact, prevention, and control S. De Vliegher (accepting the award), L. K. Fox, S. Piepers, S. McDougall, H. W. Barkema (March 2012 issue)

Nutrition, Feeding, and Calves

Invited review: Role of physically effective fiber and estimation of dietary fiber adequacy in high-producing dairy cattle Q. Zebeli (accepting the award), J. R. Aschenbach, M. Tafaj, J. Boguhn, B. N. Ametaj, W. Drochner (March 2012)

Genetics and Breeding

Improving accuracy of genomic predictions within and between dairy cattle breeds with imputed high-density single nucleotide polymorphism panels M. Erbe, B. J. Hayes (accepting the award), L. K. Matukumalli, S. Goswami, P. J. Bowman, C. M. Reich, B. A. Mason, M. E. Goddard (July 2012 issue)

The 2015 Most-Cited Awards were presented by Journal of Dairy Science Editor-in-Chief, Matthew Lucy on July 14 at the 2015 ADSA ASAS Joint Annual Meeting (JAM), Orlando, FL, July 12-16. For additional information visit

Prepared for JAM 2015, the Journal of Dairy Science Special Citations Edition ebook provides free access to these award-winning articles as well as the top 10 most-cited articles published in 2014 and 2013. To access the ebook go to


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