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Foundations of Nonlinear Optics

A two-day mini symposium at Lehigh University, Aug. 4-5

Lehigh University

The meeting will focus on fundamental issues of light-matter interactions from the quantum point of view, the transition between quantum and classical perspectives, and the applications of the insights gained in such a way to the design of molecules and other artificial structures. The program is designed to maximize the breadth of topics, yet maintain a common focus that fosters stimulating interactions that generate new ideas. Unlike large international meetings with many disjoint parallel sessions of low attendance, our aim is to provide a stimulating program that encourages all attendees to spend time together.

A top priority of the meeting is to promote interactions and to allow discussions to flow freely. The meeting will be informal, with no tight schedule. Speakers will present talks in the form of a classroom lecture, and aimed at the level of a graduate student with only a basic knowledge of nonlinear optics. Interruptions for questions and discussions are encouraged. Each speaker will provide documents in advance that can be studied or used as a reference by the attendees.

Foundations of Nonlinear Optics is a follow up to the symposium on Applications of Sum Rules and Scaling in Nonlinear Optics that was held in August 2014 in Pullman, WA. (


The meeting will take place August 4-5, 2015, on the campus of Lehigh University. Location and travel information:

The two days of the meeting will be dedicated to plenary talks and discussions, with background reading materials provided by the speakers and available to all. The meeting does not have a registration fee but attendees are still required to register.

To register, visit

Housing will be available both on campus (in a dorm that consists of several apartments with 3 private rooms each) and in nearby hotels.

Food will be provided during the day, and there will be a conference dinner Tuesday night. Depending on interest and weather, a BBQ for those still around Wednesday night is tentatively planned.


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