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Non-invasive technique may help detect skin and other cancers


Researchers have developed a non-invasive technique that allows clinicians to accurately detect various forms of skin cancer.

The current clinical "gold standard" non-invasive technique, called dermoscopy, is a highly subjective method. But by using what's called Raman spectroscopy, investigators found that malignant melanoma could be detected with an accuracy of 91% and non-melanoma skin cancers could be detected with accuracy between 73% and 85%.

"The non-invasive and label-free nature of Raman spectroscopy enables the application in various medical fields. The method could be applied through an endoscope in order to reach internal organs. Besides the detection of skin cancer, applications to detect cancer of the urinary bladder, esophagus or cervix have been shown," said Dr. Johannes Schleusener, co-author of the Experimental Dermatology article.


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