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Back to the basics of pattern recognition and machine learning

World Scientific


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Credit: World Scientific, 2015

World Scientific's latest book on Introduction to Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning adopts a detailed and methodological algorithmic approach to explain the concepts of pattern recognition.

The authors M Narasimha Murty and V Susheela Devi from the Indian Institute of Science provide a systematic account of the major topics in these two fields such as pattern representation and nearest neighbour based classifiers. Current topics like neural networks, support vector machines and decision trees attributed to the recent vast progress in this field are also dealt with.

The book notes that while humans can deal with both physical objects and abstract notions in "day-to-day activities while making decisions in various situations, it is not possible for the computer to handle them directly. For example, in order to discriminate between a chair and a pen, using a machine, we cannot directly deal with the physical objects; we abstract these objects and store the corresponding representations on the machine. For example, while humans may represent these objects using features like height, weight, cost, and color, they will not be able to reproduce the physical objects from the respective representations".

In that sense, humans use the representations of the patterns and not the patterns themselves. The authors note that it is not uncommon to call both the patterns and their representations as patterns in the literature.

Introduction to Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning will equip readers, especially senior computer science undergraduates, with a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

This 404 page volume is sold in major book stores at US$125 / £83 for the hardcover. More information on the book can be found at


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