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Mathematics professor teaching in an elementary school -- a whole new learning experience

Arithmetic for Parents: A Book for Grown-Ups About Children's Mathematics

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Credit: World Scientific, 2015

Many adults experienced their mathematical studies as a trauma. Now, that their children are facing the same experience, they tend to stay away. The fact is that involvement in your child's studies has great benefits for both of you.

Imagine a professional mathematician who is familiar with the mathematics studied, but in elementary school he is in for some novelties. It is there that the most basic elements arise: the concept of the number and the meaning of arithmetical operations. These are elements that the professional mathematician rarely pauses to consider.

The book, "Arithmetic for Parents: A Book for Grown-Ups About Children's Mathematics" offers parents who wish to help their children a second chance, a new view of elementary mathematics. The author, a mathematics professor in Israel's Institute of Technology, went to teach in elementary schools and made a surprising discovery: that elementary mathematics has a lot of depth and beauty. And also, that the secret of understanding it is in knowing the subtleties. In this book he shares this discovery with the reader, in simple language and attractive style.

The book was a bestseller in Israel, and has been translated into many languages. The extraordinary combination of mathematical and didactic insights makes it an essential guide for parents and teachers alike. And perhaps, you may well discover a new perspective in mathematics.

This book is sold in major bookstores at US$58 / £38 (hardcover) and US$26 / £17 (paperback). The e-book version is also available for purchase. More information on the book can be found at


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