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Dramatic breakthroughs in treatment of autoimmune inflammatory diseases

World Scientific


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Credit: World Scientific, 2015

What is happening in the treatment research of the inflammatory autoimmune diseases? Experts from several fields of medicine shed their light on the exciting field of therapy research for the inflammatory (autoimmune) diseases.

The inflammatory diseases, also referred to by many other names such as "systemic inflammatory disorders", "autoimmune diseases", and "immune-mediated inflammatory diseases", are a large group of disorders characterized by inappropriately activated inflammatory mechanisms. Despite the common underlying mechanisms, these diseases may have little in common when seen from the patient's perspective -- exhibiting very different symptoms and signs. They also require different kinds of medical specialists in order to correctly differentiate them from other diseases and to initiate the appropriate diagnostic work-up. However, similarities in the underlying mechanisms have over the past two decades begun to translate into specific immunomodulatory treatments with well-characterized mechanisms of action that are applicable to various inflammatory diseases, and into similar treatment strategies for these chronic conditions.

Fortunately, treatments for the inflammatory diseases have experienced major changes for the better over the past two decades: the development of biologics and other targeted therapies have made it possible to offer dramatically better prospects to many patients, but have also raised questions on the most optimal therapeutic strategies, the choice of medications, and the pharmaco-economic implications. For all these reasons, it is timely to present an overview of the field of therapeutics for the inflammatory diseases.

In this book, Clinical Therapy Research in the Inflammatory Diseases which is published by World Scientific, leading experts in a range of inflammatory diseases present the status of the therapy area in their specific areas of expertise and their views both on the current status of the field and the future.

More information about the book can be found at The book retails at US$85 / £56 (hardcover).

Editor of the book, Ronald van Vollenhoven, is Chief of the Unit for Clinical Therapy Research in the Inflammatory Diseases at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, which is supported by large grants and donations from science funding agencies, industry, and patient organizations.


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