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Aelan collaborates with Gladstone Institutes to conduct comparative study on stem cells

Aelan will conduct study to test its rejuvenated mesenchymal stem cells

Aelan Cell Technologies

San Francisco, CA - Aelan Cell Technologies today announced they have entered into an agreement with the Gladstone Institutes to further its studies on stem cell rejuvenation. This effort will be led by Meenakshi Gaur, Ph.D. of Aelan Cell Technologies and Kathryn Ivey, Ph.D. of the Gladstone Institutes.

Aelan Cell Technologies will be conducting a comparative study that will involve characterization of Aelan's stem cell product against the "gold standard," induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) genetically reprogrammed by four factors discovered by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Shinya Yamanaka of the Gladstone Institutes. This comparative study will allow Aelan to test their proprietary technology for its efficiency, complexity and novelty.

"We value the opportunity to work with Gladstone's community of scientists, where the excellence in basic science, innovation and perseverance are hallmarks of biological exploration that set the Institutes apart from a number of research centers in Bay Area. Gladstone's state-of-art Core Facility provides world-class expertise and services that are in high demand in the biomedical industry. We feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to utilize these spectacular resources for Aelan's product development," said Dr. Victoria Lunyak, President and Chief Executive Officer at Aelan.

"Aelan Cell Technologies is an innovative, local biotech startup and is in an ideal position to use the Gladstone Stem Cell Core," says Dr. Kathryn Ivey, Director of the Stem Cell Core at the Gladstone Institutes. "We look forward to helping them further their efforts in the area of stem cell rejuvenation."

By understanding the molecular processes that enable human adult stem cells to initiate self-renewal, proliferation and differentiation to rejuvenate damaged tissue, Aelan hopes to make significant strides in regenerative medicine, potentially leading to cures for many age-related diseases.


About Aelan Cell Technologies:

Aelan Cell Technologies is a San Francisco startup engaged in the research, discovery, development and commercialization of innovative biomedical technologies for the advancement of human health and longevity. With a growing intellectual property portfolio of disruptive technologies and medical tools, Aelan has assembled an experienced team -- bringing together scientific and business expertise -- to successfully lead its products through each phase of development.

About the Gladstone Institutes:

To ensure our work does the greatest good, the Gladstone Institutes focuses on conditions with profound medical, economic, and social impact--unsolved diseases of the brain, the heart, and the immune system. Affiliated with the University of California, San Francisco, Gladstone is an independent, nonprofit life science research organization that uses visionary science and technology to overcome disease.

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