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A new catalyst for industrial polyethylene production synthesized

Newly discovered catalyst will find its application in polyethylene production, which is used for gas and oil-transporting pipelines, synthetic oil, lubricants, cleaning agents and other household items

Kazan Federal University

As of now, such products were only imported to Russia and Kazan Federal University stands out to promote domestic collaboration of research and production.

Alia Khusnuriyalova is a 5th year student of Alexander Butlerov Institute of Chemistry at Kazan Federal University, a winner of 2015 British Petroleum Grant for Research. As a member of New Catalysts for Petrochemistry Research Lab she is involved into developing of new catalyst systems under the supervision of Dmitryi Yakhvarov, Dr.Sc. in Chemistry and the Head of the laboratory). The research is conducted in cooperation with the A.E. Arbuzov Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry within Kazan Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences.

Catalysts for polymerization of ethylene are environment-friendly and can be produced from wastes of other chemical industries. The production practice is quite low-cost.

The results obtained were patented and published in Organometallics, as well as presented at Russian and International Conferences. Currently, the commercialization of the project is discussed with Tatarstan's Kazanorgsintez.


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